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I’m Levin, a Director and DP based in Melbourne. Since 2013 I have worked for several TV and Film Production companies in Germany and Norway as well as here in Australia. My aim is to create high quality content by using my skillset, knowledge and experiences.

Photography School

2010 - 2012, Germany

Camera assistant for TV

2013 - 2014 Germany 

Freelance Work 


Since 2014, All around Europe

Bachelor of Arts


2014 - 2017 Germany

Director and DP

Since 2017, Melbourne Australia

Throughout the last years I have been lucky enough to gain a lot of experience on several film, commercial and photo shoots. I started working as a camera assistant for a German TV production company and soon developed my own style and reputation as a cameraman. While working for several media agencies across Europe, I started building up my own career in the film and photo industry. Since 2018 I have been working as a freelance DoP in Australia.  I strive to gain the best out of myself and take pride in achieving the highest possible outcome whilst understanding the need for professional and personal development within the industry. 






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